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~My icons~


I should really start to write something useful here....I will work on it the next few days XDD

I love :
Disney and...all other kinds of animation! I have a special love for the old russian animations...sooooooo beautiful.......*____*


Seeeee?? Beautiful XD This is one of my fav. scenes from my fav. Cinderella adaption....sry disney, but you can´t beat this one XD Even though it´s only 17 min. long XDDD

Icon-making : I love to do it, animated and normal ones ( It takes a few hours for me to do an animated icon in PS im working every day on at least one..but don´t come around to post many XDD
Thats why i also don´t post many gifs.... i just haven´t finished so many that i want to post them XDDD

Games : I love Video-games, especially roleplay, adventure and...HORROR!! XD Silent Hill is one of the best game series ever made XD

Movies : Funny stuff....most of the times animation of course...horror movies....yeah XDD

I have an tumblr for the heroines of disney, but because of sickness and real life, i wasn´t able to post many things to it....


~+~MY DREAM~+~

To become an animator myself someday....I will update this info with a few of my own pics soon XD
Right now im working on the neglected princess story and draw the disney girls as kids...XDD

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